Brinley Addington’s Nashville Favorites

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Brinley Addington’s Nashville Favorites

Brinley Addington- CountryMusicIsLove

We recently caught up with country newcomer Brinley Addington to chat about his Favorite Nashville spots. Where might you find the “Better On A Boat” singer when he’s at home in Nashville?

Here’s a look at Brinley’s Nashville Favorites…

Loveless Cafe: “Some of the best home cooking I’ve had.”
8400 Hwy 100 /

Oceanway Studio: “I love recording there. Such a cool vibe.”
1200 17th Avenue /

The Stage: “I’ve never not had a good time down there.”
412 Broadway Ave /

Guitar Center: “I love going there and playing different guitars.”
721 Thompson Ln /

My House: “I travel a lot and love hanging at home when I have downtime. Doesn’t happen often… Ha!”

Fans can keep up with Brinley Addington on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to visit his official website to learn more. Click HERE to purchase Addington’s single, “Better On A Boat” on iTunes.