Brittany Aldean Discusses Struggles to Get Pregnant with Memphis

After months of trying to conceive, Brittany Aldean learned that she suffered from endometriosis and was considering surrogacy.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brittany Aldean Discusses Struggles to Get Pregnant with Memphis
Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean; Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for ACM

Starting a family always comes with its complications, but the Aldeans faced the harsh reality of using alternative methods to get pregnant before Memphis’ birth.

Brittany Aldean went on the record about her and Jason’s path to conception while appearing as a guest on the Babes & Babies podcast. She opened up about how the couple tried for months without any luck, and eventually started on the In Vitro process to see if that would work. After 18 months of trial and error with the process, Brittany became diagnosed with endometriosis and the two gave it one last shot in hopes of the final egg attaching and growing into a child.

“Memphis was our last (egg). So it was like, if this doesn’t work — I was considering a surrogate. We were thinking about all the options,” Aldean explained on the Babes & Babies podcast.

Their dream became a reality when the doctors confirmed that Brittany was indeed with child, and her pregnancy didn’t come with half the struggle of the IVF journey. Only going through a couple issues, as well as cravings for Fruity Pebbles cereal, Memphis came out happy and healthy at the end of the nine months and the Aldeans felt overjoyed to finally bring a baby into the world.

Happy Easter everybody!

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Wanting that precious moment of love to happen again rather soon, Brittany already started prompting Jason that they should try again for Baby No. 2. The “You Make It Easy” singer, on the other hand, hopes to take a break and focus on Memphis for now.

“This morning, Memphis was screaming and Jason turned over in bed and was like ‘And you wanna do this again soon,’” said Aldean.

Aldean will balance fatherhood with his upcoming schedule on the High Noon Neon Tour this summer, with dates and ticket information available on his website.