Brooke Eden Releases Vibrant Music Video For ‘No Shade’

What a full circle moment for the singer!

Brooke Eden Releases Vibrant Music Video For ‘No Shade’
Brooke Eden; Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild

Brooke Eden released a music video for her brand new single, “No Shade,” on Friday, February 19. The video encapsulates the positive energy of the single, which is about “coming out of a dark place and heading towards a brighter one.”

In the video, Eden is seen waking up in a dark room while singing about how her past relationship brought her down, but when the joyful chorus hits, she opens up the curtains to reveal a sunny day. Shot at the tiki bar where the singer worked before moving the Nashville, the video shows Eden bartending and waiting tables while singing the tune. The singer then trades the bar counter for the stage and performs the song in front of a lively crowd. At the very end of the video, she comes home to her real-life girlfriend, Hilary.

“Filming the music video for ‘No Shade’ had me incredibly in my element.” says Eden. “I got to bring my Nashville creative team down to my hometown in sunny South Florida, right back to the bar that started it all. The tiki bar where the video takes place is actually the bar where I played shows that earned me the money to move to Nashville. It was a total full circle moment filming the first part of this three video story, in the city that gave me the confidence to chase this dream.”

Co-written by Eden, Steven Lee Olsen and Brandon Day, “No Shade” is Eden’s first single in four years and was written after taking a break from touring and finding her true self. The song is also the first in a three-part reintroduction. She will also release new songs “Sunroof” and “Got No Choice.”