Brothers Osborne ‘Don’t Really Care Much’ About Valentine’s Day

"The only thing Valentine's Day does is make all the single people feel bad," says TJ Osborne.

Written by Annie Reuter
Brothers Osborne ‘Don’t Really Care Much’ About Valentine’s Day
Brothers Osborne; Photo courtesy Universal Music Group Nashville

For some, Valentine’s Day is a way to express love through flowers, chocolates and fancy dinners. Brothers Osborne, however, are not fans of the holiday that falls on Feb. 14. Before their poolside set at Crash My Playa 2017 in the picturesque Riviera Maya, Mexico — a romantic setting if there ever was one — brothers TJ and John Osborne were candid with Sounds Like Nashville about their distaste for the holiday.

“I think both of us, this sounds awful to say, but both of us don’t really care much about Valentine’s Day,” TJ confesses. “It’s really awful for guys and girls. Instead of doing something really sweet out of the kindness of your heart, you’re doing something because you’re supposed to. You don’t get credit for that!”

TJ says instead of treating Valentine’s Day as the one day to be overly thoughtful, people should do something out of left field frequently for their significant other and continually be spontaneous.

“Doing something for Valentine’s Day because it’s Valentine’s Day is unromantic. Most couples I know don’t really give a s–t about Valentine’s Day,” he stresses. “The only thing Valentine’s Day does is make all the single people feel bad.”

Both TJ and John say all guys want for Valentine’s Day is for their girl to be happy. “If they’re happy and in love, what more could you ask for?” TJ reasons.

John knows from personal experience that it takes much more than celebrating one day a year to keep a relationship strong. Being on the road often and away from his wife, Lucie Silvas who is also a musician, is difficult and he always wants to make sure she’s happy.

“Happy wife, happy life,” he says with a laugh. “Personally, our lives are so hectic my favorite thing to do with Lucie is to lay down on the couch and forget the world for a night. That’s what I live for. People take staying at home for granted. When you don’t get to go home that often you realize how important it actually is.”

Luckily for John, Lucie is currently on the road with them opening for their Dirt Rich Tour, which wraps Feb. 25, so this month they’re never too far apart.