Bryan Lanning And Brennley Brown Come Together For Inspirational New Duet, ‘Steady’

This is the perfect promise to make to the one you love.

Bryan Lanning And Brennley Brown Come Together For Inspirational New Duet, ‘Steady’
Bryan Lanning and Brennley Brown; Photo Credit: Dacy Nottingham

Country singer and YouTuber Bryan Lanning has teamed up with The Voice alum Brennley Brown for a new song called “Steady” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (3/18). The tune serves as a poignant promise to always be there for a loved one, and Lanning and Brown exemplify this by singing to one another in the track. Lanning sings the first verse while Brown provides background vocals, as he reassures his loved one that their problems will fade soon enough. This then leads into the chorus, in which he promises to always be there to keep his loved one ‘steady.’

Brown then takes the second verse, singing encouraging words back to Lanning, and they come together again for the chorus and the rest of the song. The song’s encouraging message is paired with soaring production featuring electric guitar and percussion, which only adds to the sentimentality of the track.

“I’ll keep you steady when you start to drift away / I’ll keep you steady voice begins to shake / I’ll keep you steady when you’re heart’s about the break / I’ll keep you steady, steady,” they sing in the chorus.

Lanning, who lives in California, co-wrote the song in Nashville, TN, and says it felt ‘unreal’ to be leaving Music City with the song. He soon met fellow California native Brown during a writing session, and they decided to collaborate on the tune.

“Brennley and I were doing a songwriting session together, and I was already impressed with not only how talented she was, but how professional she was,” Lanning told Sounds Like Nashville, exclusively. “I shared the song with her, and she loved it enough to agree to sing on it next time we worked together. It was all very natural and easy. The moment I heard Brennley sing on the pre-chorus I knew ‘Steady’ found its other half. She brings such an honest character into play with her voice and I’m just thrilled to be working alongside such a great artist.”

Bryan Lanning and Brennley Brown; Photo Credit: Dacy Nottingham

When Lanning approached Brown with the offer to sing on “Steady,” she says the positive qualities of the song made it an easy decision for her to make.

“In these uncertain times, to have the opportunity to deliver a message of trust, hope, and connection is a gift,” says Brown. “I’m grateful to be able to use my voice in this capacity. The day I met Bryan, I knew immediately there would be many future collaborations between us. He has an infectious joy and energy that inspires all who come into contact with him. The passion behind his talent is evident in the delivery of this song. I’m so excited to be a part of this very special collaboration, and I can’t wait for you all to experience ‘Steady’.”

In addition to releasing music, Lanning and his wife Missy stay busy with their YouTube channel, Daily Bumps, where they chronicle their life together with their two sons and their past pregnancy struggles to more than 5 million subscribers. Lanning says “Steady” was inspired in part by the struggles he and his wife have faced and the way they get through trials as a couple.

“It probably is inspired by our pregnancy struggles, that and all the other times I’ve had to really lean on my spouse for support, or she’s had to lean on me,” he says. “I think we’re taught early on that we need to be strong minded, but there’s such a relief to be able to let go around someone you love without fear.”