C2C Festival Q&A: Abby Anderson Edition

Will you see Abby in Europe?

Written by Lauren Laffer
C2C Festival Q&A: Abby Anderson Edition
Abby Anderson; Photo credit: John Shearer

Our chat with Abby Anderson is the third segment of a four-part Q&A series ahead of the 2020 C2C Festival. See more from our series featuring Eric Paslay (here), Charles Esten (here), and Gabby Barrett (3/5).

After making her C2C: Country to Country Festival debut in 2019, rising star Abby Anderson is gearing up for her return to the C2C stage in March. This time around, the singer will be part of the Introducing Nashville series, and she will perform in in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Sounds Like Nashville sat down with Anderson to find what she’s looking forward to about her return to Europe and what it means for her music to resonate with international audiences.

Check out our Q&A with Anderson before she heads abroad below.

C2C Festival kicks off on March 7 & 8 with stops in Amsterdam and Berlin. The festival continues with a large lineup of artists when it stops in London, Dublin and Glasgow on March 13, 14 and 15. Visit c2c-countrytocountry.com for more information.

Sounds Like Nashville: You made your C2C debut last year and get to return again this year – what are you most looking forward to about your return?

Abby Anderson: THE PEOPLE!! Oh my goodness, the energy in the room and the meet and greets after are my favorite part. Getting to see the faces that share my music on social media and hug and thank them in person for listening to my music. 

SLN: You’ll be performing as part of the Introducing Nashville series with Eric Paslay and Tenille Townes. How does it feel to be an ambassador for country music and perform with these two artists?

AA: There’s so much talent in Nashville. So many artists here who would do an incredible job of introducing Nashville to our friends overseas. So I am honored. And honored to get to share the stage with Tenille and Eric. Their songwriting is something else, and I think I’m gonna be listening and taking notes! Haha.

SLN: Did you ever imagine when you set out on this journey that your music would reach an international audience? What does it mean to you to have your music connect with people all over the world?

AA: I think anyone who dreams of being in this business dreams of having their music be heard around the world. At least that was and still is the case for me. I don’t make music for myself, that’s for sure – haha! Music is that great connector. The universal language. It’s the reason why I can listen to a BTS record or Julio Iglesias, have no idea what they are saying and feel something. So to have my music be heard overseas right now, it’s a literal dream come true. I hope it reaches further. 

SLN: This trip will include stops in London, Dublin, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Berlin. Are there any sights you’re hoping to see while visiting these cities?

AA: I really want to go see the Anne Frank house, the Vincent van Gogh museum, Westminster Abbey, St. Patrick’s and Christ church cathedrals, etc.. And definitely try some new foods along the way.

SLN: Is there a European city you’d like to perform in on your bucket list? If so, why that city?

AA: Madrid, Spain. I love the culture. The colors, the vibrancy, the lifestyle. 

SLN: We’ve heard that the European fans are very passionate about their favorite artists. Have you noticed that? Is there a big different between playing for fans in Europe versus in the United States?

AA: ABSOLUTELY. I feel very lucky. I feel like we have created this little world on social media with my followers and the best part is seeing how my fans in the states get connected and become friends with my fans overseas. They all have so much passion and it makes me want to put out the best songs I can. Give them that song that helps them escape from their daily stressors, to know that everything going to be okay. I’m so so very thankful for their passion. 

SLN: Any travel tips for fans looking to go abroad?

AA: Drink tons of water, pack Melatonin for the flight, and you’re gonna need a different kind of charger because overseas they have different outlets than us here in the states!

SLN: What can fans expect from you this year?

AA: New music. New music. New music. I have been waiting for what feels like years now to put out.