Cam Acts as the Other Lover in ‘Diane’ Video

Cam finds herself getting played as the other lover in a loaded love triangle during the music video for her latest single, "Diane."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Cam Acts as the Other Lover in ‘Diane’ Video
Cam; Photo Credit: YouTube

Cam faced her fears of confronting a woman scorned in the vintage throwback video for her single, “Diane,” and she definitely reaped no benefits in admitting the truth.

Based as a response to Dolly Parton’s iconic hit, “Jolene,” Cam wanted to let her version tell the story from the other woman’s perspective. Although she reveals her naivety in believing a married man for being single, the video shows a side of Cam that remains apologetic and sympathetic to what she’s done without realizing the damage.

The country singer noted how realistic this situation is for many women who listen to her music, so she wanted to represent the lyrics in an authentic treatment without over-exaggerating the cold, hard truth that comes with infidelity.

“The general theme of women speaking to women and being honest in a really difficult situation that neither one of them chose. I wanted to make sure that a lot of people that have been through this feel like this wasn’t sensationalized — because this is a lot of people’s story. I’ve seen people in crowds now that sing the s— out of this song; they’re owning all these lyrics. So I wanted to get it right and make it raw and real and mean something. Actually, I took acting lessons to make sure I didn’t mess that up,” Cam explained to People in an interview.

Also paying tribute to Parton’s original masterpiece, Cam kept the influence within the 70s decades with groovy clothing and funky furniture as backdrops to match the vibe she was shooting for.

“It feels modern, but it kind of has this ’70s vibe, and the song has that too, sonically, but there’s something that’s really interesting about this ’70s theme and what’s going on right now with women and what happened with the ’70s women’s movements,” Cam said. “It’s an interesting parallel — and it’s interesting that that’s happening again right now. It’s something I thought was fun to think about: where people have come from, moving forward but acknowledging the past.”

“Diane” will be a part of Cam’s sophomore release, which has yet to set a release date at this time.