Cam Chose Music Over Psychology Thanks to Advice From a Professor

While Cam has found major success in country music, it once was psychology that struck her fancy and was her professional pursuit. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Cam Chose Music Over Psychology Thanks to Advice From a Professor
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

So far in her country career, Cam has lived quite the life with huge success from singles like “Mayday” and “Burning House,” and being able to share the stage with some of the top artists in the genre. But little do the fans know that Cam was once on track to be a psychologist and almost followed the more scientific path for her job choice.

At around 25 years old, Cam had her quarter-life crisis where she started to re-evaluate her future. While she was destined for graduate school in order to pursue psychology professionally, she remained tied to her love of music. Rationally, Cam asked for a professor’s two cents about her life decision which came with an interesting outlook that she took with stride.

“When I was in another job, I was in psychology research and I was applying to graduate schools, and I felt like…I was 25, and I felt like ‘I’m so old.’ (laugh) I don’t know why you feel like you’re old at 25, but I felt like I was maybe losing my chance to do music, cause I loved music, and I thought ‘maybe I should try,’ but I was afraid to, So, I asked my professor, and I said ‘what do you think I should do? Should I stick with psychology, or do you think I should go after music?’ And she said ‘Picture yourself eighty years old and looking back on your life, and what would you regret having missed out on. Would you regret having missed out on music or on psychology?’ And I was like definitely music, so I went after it,” Cam explained.

As the story obviously unfolded, Cam left behind her days at the psych lab for the recording studio and stage, which suits her just fine. She’s been rocking it at all of her summer performances and will continue to do so as she opens up for Bentley on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour. Dates and specific information about the tour can be found on Cam’s website.