Cam Announces New Label Partnership, Upcoming Single ‘Classic’

The album is due this fall!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Cam Announces New Label Partnership, Upcoming Single ‘Classic’
Cam; Photo Credit: Dennis Leupold

Cam hit the country music scene with her powerful debut album, Untamed, in December 2015. The project including the smash hit, “Burning House,” and quickly put Cam’s name on the map.

Just a few years later, the singer parted ways with her label home of Sony Music Nashville and moved to RCA out of New York to forge a new path. The change led the California native to what’s possibly her best music to date and even attracted the attention of Nashville’s Triple Tigers Records, the label home of Scotty McCreery, Russell Dickerson and Gone West. That attention led to a brand new partnership between Triple Tigers and RCA as the two labels will team to release Cam’s upcoming record.

“When I heard Cam’s new music, I was moved and inspired,” said Triple Tigers’ Norbert Nix in a press release. “She has an identifiable, world class voice and her songs are crafted with experience, emotion and strength. She is at the apex of her creative journey and it’s an honor to work with an artist of her caliber and to partner with our good friends at RCA Records New York to showcase her talents to the world.”

“This upcoming album is the best music I’ve ever made,” added Cam. “It deserves the best partner to take it out into the world – and that’s what I’m getting with Norbert and the team at Triple Tigers. Their passion, drive and ingenuity are exactly what I was looking for. This is gonna be such a fun ride.”

To kick off the new partnership, Cam will release her new single, “Classic,” on July 17. With the single, pre-order for her new record will also become available.

In a preview of her new album, Cam has shared the songs “Redwood Tree” and “Till There’s Nothing Left.” The latter is a progressive and empowering track that she first hesitated to release because of its overtly sexual lyrics. But after some reflection, the song was released and laid the foundation of what’s to come from the upcoming project.

“I think I feel more comfortable as myself and what I think sounds good and the colors that I want to paint with,” she shared with Sounds Like Nashville previously. “’It means something to me and that’s why I’m choosing it’ – you’ve got to be as true to that as you can so you can get the best emotion across and the best authenticity across.”