Canaan Smith Shares the Recipe for a Merry COVID Christmas

Some traditions are too tasty to give up on.

Written by Chris Parton
Canaan Smith Shares the Recipe for a Merry COVID Christmas
Canaan Smith; Photo credit: Kurt Ozan

Like most of us this year, Canaan Smith and his family are changing things up for Christmas 2020. With COVID-19 in the air right alongside the snow, he’s not able to see everyone he normally would, but he’s also got a plan to make the best of things.

Smith and his wife, Christy, welcomed a daughter named Virginia Rose in October of 2019, so this year will be all about getting her accustomed to some special family traditions. And he’s letting fans in on the fun, too.

“Well, this Christmas is obviously going to be different for everybody because we can’t gather like we usually do,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville. “But we’ll do our own version of that, and I think we’ll take advantage of it and make it a first Christmas at home for the family – Virginia, Christy and I, we’ll kind of do our own thing in a setting that feels special for us. And then maybe we’ll head out to my mom’s in Smyrna [Tennessee]. But I bet we’ll wake up at the house here, and let Virginia try to peel some paper off some boxes.”

He and Virginia have been spending a lot of quality time all year — and she’s even been helping him write some new guitar licks lately. But there’s one old Christmas standby that Smith is determined to keep.

“We’ll take our time drinking coffee and reheating it three times because we never get to finish it – there’s always something to do … and then, the night before Christmas is also a tradition that we like to do – chili,” he says. “That’s something my family always did. My mom always made chili the night before, and so we’ll probably carry that on and have that to look forward to.”

Smith shared the family chili recipe online, so feel free to give it a try yourself. It’s perfect for Christmas eve, whether you live in the big city or a “Cabin in the Woods.”