Carly Pearce Goes Healthy On Thanksgiving For Specific Reason

Who can resist a pumpkin pie?!

Carly Pearce Goes Healthy On Thanksgiving For Specific Reason
Carly Pearce at “The 54th Annual CMA Awards” on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 at Music City Center in Downtown Nashville; Photo courtesy of CMA

This Thanksgiving, people around the country will be enjoying plates full of food and a day of guilt-free eating. In Carly Pearce’s house, however, she and her family opt for a lighter and healthier Thanksgiving meal. This decision was inspired by a difficult event from her past.

“My dad had a massive heart attack when I was 19 and it kind of changed the game for my family as far as how we eat,” she shared. “We have a modified Thanksgiving, I feel like.”

Even though Pearce and her family may not enjoy all the same fixings, or as many of them, as other families, she says there is one Thanksgiving treat she can’t resist no matter what.

“We don’t go crazy on a lot of things, but there’s one thing that I will forever want ‘the real thing,’ as I call it, and that’s pumpkin pie,” she said. “You can’t mess with a pumpkin pie.  So, there may be different variations of how we make other things, but pumpkin pie is full fat and all.”

Pearce is very health conscience and sometimes shares photos of her run statistics or photos of her workout routine on social media. Last month, she shared that her new puppy, June, is getting in on some of her workouts. In a photo posted to Instagram, Pearce can be seen doing a plank as June sits happily on her back.

“June thought I needed a liiiitle extra weight during my workout this morning— & yes, she held the chew stick in her mouth the whole time,” she wrote alongside the photo.