Caroline Jones’ New Album is an ‘Expression of my Heart and Soul’

"What I want to represent, which is joy and authenticity, so that's what the album is about and that's what that songs about," she said to Sounds Like Nashville.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Caroline Jones’ New Album is an ‘Expression of my Heart and Soul’
Caroline Jones; Photo credit: Philippe McClelland

When Caroline Jones decided to create a full-length release, she wanted it to represent her true being on every sound of the entire project.

Not only did Jones contribute her lyrics to each of the tracks on the album, she also played almost every single instrument featured as well as gave her own take on the production alongside Ric Wake.

“’Bare Feet’ is really an expression of my heart and soul. We built it from the ground up. I co-produced it with Ric Wake, whose produced Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Trisha Yearwood. I wrote all the songs by myself, and I played all the instruments on the record except bass and drums,” she explained exclusively to Sounds Like Nashville during a recent phone interview.

Making it into something more meaningful than she could have ever imagined, she also hoped the title track could resemble her view toward life and how she approaches every day. Embracing the natural motions of taking a risk in the industry, “Bare Feet” came to life and left a special mark on Jones’ heart.

“We really built it brick by brick and it really is my baby,” Jones said. “I’m really, really appreciative that it’s out in the world and excited to continue playing it. We’ve been playing songs since last year on tour with Zac Brown Band. The song, ‘Bare Feet,’ is a song that we titled the album after because it really represents the way I want to walk into the world and who I am as an artist and a person. What I want to represent, which is joy and authenticity, so that’s what the album is about and that’s what that songs about.”

Although Jones calls herself a country artist at the root of it all, she incorporated a number of genres into Bare Feet from rock to pop to singer/songwriter. But the lyrics remained in the authentic spirit of country music due to its unique storytelling properties.

“My sound is pretty straight down the middle country pop. Country in the way that we use a lot of organic instrumentation like banjo, mandolin, dobro, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, but I wanted to blend that with a lot of the exciting electronic elements that are on pop radio. We try to blend those two phonic genres, and my songs are pretty poetic,” Jones said.

Bare Feet will come out on Friday, March 30.