What Did Carrie Underwood Want for Christmas this Year? Cows!

Now this is a unique Christmas present!

What Did Carrie Underwood Want for Christmas this Year? Cows!
Carrie Underwood; Photo credit: Anne Marie Fox

Mike Fisher recently revealed via his Instagram story that he bought his wife Carrie Underwood a pretty interesting Christmas gift this year: two cows. Underwood recently shared that the cows are an addition to her growing farm.

“We have land, we have five horses and they just got to their barn, so that was kind of their Christmas present. They got their forever barn, so we kind of moved them over to this new field  and their space,” she shared with a group of reporters recently. “Then we had the front part that was empty and my husband said, ‘What would you like for Christmas?’ And I said I would like cows. Just for pets, you know. So, he went and got me a couple of cows.”

Carrie Underwood cows; Photo courtesy of Mike Fisher on Instagram

Underwood said that cows especially hold a special place in her heart, and it sounds like her son, Isaiah, is already feeling the same.

“Cows are probably my favorite animal  because I grew up with them, and I just think they have such personality and I just can’t wait to really get to know ours, but they’re doing good,” she added. “They’re happy, and my son named them Brownie and Oreo because one’s brown and one is black and white.”

According the Underwood, the cows were an exception, as she and her husband don’t often buy big Christmas gifts for one another. As for what she’s planning on getting her family for Christmas this year, she says she often keeps it simple to avoid getting too overwhelmed by the holiday season.

“I’m not a good gift giver,” she shared. “I get very overwhelmed, so I’ll go to look online because, especially this year, I feel like everybody is doing a lot more shopping online. There’s too many options and my brain is like, ‘Ah, I don’t know, I don’t know.’ So, I wouldn’t consider myself a good gift giver.

“My kids, especially Isaiah now, he’ll just tell me what he wants, which really isn’t that much,” she continued. “He wants little things, like, I think he wanted a Spiderman water bottle, so he makes it kind of easy. We always look for things to get the kids outdoors and they have plenty of toys, not because we buy them, but I feel like other people get them toys, so they don’t need anymore toys. But we just try to keep it simple. Usually, my husband and I are just like, ‘You don’t get me anything, I don’t get you anything, we’re good.’ We’re together, that’s all we need. I’ll make dinner — there’s my present.”