Carrie Underwood Fan Ends Up in Hospital After She ‘Slayed’ At Her Concert

A diehard fan of Carrie Underwood attended her show Friday night (5/27) and wound up spending his night in the emergency room after the show.

Carrie Underwood Fan Ends Up in Hospital After She ‘Slayed’ At Her Concert
Photo via @liveasong4 on Twitter

Not all fans expect to end up in the emergency room after seeing the concert of their dreams. Usually the worst that happens is the feeling of post-concert depression during the following day. For a fan of Carrie Underwood though, his post-concert hype sent him straight to the hospital.

Twitter user @liveasong4, known as Bern on Twitter, posted to his timeline that he attended Underwood’s concert on Friday (5/27) and even got to meet the singer in person. From details on his feed, it seemed like the Underwood megafan had the opportunity to hug his idol before the show where he sang his lungs out to all of her songs…literally.

“@carrieunderwood SLAYED me so hard in Ottawa. I sang along to every word and my lung flopped. #YOLO #LoveHer,” he tweeted with a picture documenting his afterparty in the ER.

According to his Twitter, the fan suffered from a collapsed lung and his reaction to the injury is a mixture of sadness and hilarity.

Thankfully, Bern seems to be ok as he jokingly responded to other people’s concerned messages to him on the social media site. Even Underwood got involved after the incident picked up a lot of attention and made sure he was recovering just fine from her killer show.

“What the what?! I hope you’re alright! It was great to get to see you! Thanks for risking your life to be there,” Underwood tweeted, with a kissy-face emoji blowing a peck to make things all better.

Guess that’s what some would call a diehard fan, right?

Underwood just wrapped up the spring leg of the Storyteller Tour and will head back out on the road in the fall before teaming up with Keith Urban on tour in Australia.