Carrie Underwood Goes Undercover At Dick’s Sporting Goods

Written by Lauren Jo Black
Carrie Underwood Goes Undercover At Dick’s Sporting Goods

Carrie Underwood recently traded in her high heels for tennis shoes when she went to “work” at a Nashville-area Dick’s Sporting Goods location for the day. 

The superstar went undercover in a dark wig, posing as a Calia by Carrie Underwood store rep and helping shoppers select items from her fitness apparel line. 

“I’m the Calia rep from the head Dick’s Sporting Goods store,” she told one shopper. “I’m here for the day, just kind of checking things out.” 

The Oklahoma native helped unsuspecting shoppers select products from her active wear line, and had a little fun with it. “I know all things Calia… I’m an expert,” she quipped. “I know the designer.” 

Not everyone fell for it though. One ledy recognized the GRAMMY winner right off the bat. “You look familiar,” the shopper told her. Underwood tried to play it off, but it didn’t work. Okay, I recognize you …  are you Carrie Underwood,” she asked. The singer’s cover was blown. 

Before her day’s work was over, Carrie joined one shopper for a “Before He Cheats” sing-a-long over the Dick’s Sporting Goods’ speaker system. 

Lucky for us, it was all caught on tape. Watch it go down below.