Carrie Underwood: ‘I Tried To Avoid ‘Mommy’ Songs, But…’

Written by Lauren Laffer
Carrie Underwood: ‘I Tried To Avoid ‘Mommy’ Songs, But…’

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Yesterday (8/20), Carrie Underwood made several exciting announcements. Not only did she announce a new single, “Smoke Break”, a new album, Storyteller, she also released the new song to radio and iTunes all in the same day.

On top of her big announcement, Underwood stuck around for a Facebook Q&A to answer some more fan questions, including one about her new album and if there were any songs for her baby boy, Isaiah.

“I tried to avoid the ‘mommy’ songs, but one managed to find it’s way in there!” she wrote. “I’m glad it did, because he’ll always have that.”

Although she may not have recorded many “mommy songs,” she did say that she sings lullabies to him, though she often improvises on the lyrics. “I change the words to songs that I already know to fit whatever I’m doing with him at the moment,” she said. “There are lots of songs about diaper changing and getting him dressed!”

Take a “break” from what you are doing and join me now for a Q&A! I am here! Ask your questions in the comments below!

Posted by Carrie Underwood on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Storyteller hits shelves Oct. 23. “Smoke Break” is available through all digital retailers now.