Carrie Underwood Is ‘Definitely’ Open To Having More Children

Will Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher ever give Isaiah a brother or sister? She says she's "definately" open to having more children. 

Carrie Underwood Is ‘Definitely’ Open To Having More Children
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Newly crowned American Country Countdown Awards’ Female Vocalist of the Year, Carrie Underwood, was all smiles backstage after her big win and much-buzzed about performance at Sunday’s show.

Before jetting off to resume her highly successful Storyteller Tour, the Oklahoma native dished to PEOPLE about her son Isaiah’s musical talents and the possibility of growing their family.

He likes to sing, the superstar shared with the publication. If you just go la-la-la, hell go la-la-la-la. He mimics really well.

Singing isn’t the only thing the 14-month-old is into. As a matter of fact, he’s into everything at the moment…literally.

Right now he is a climber, which is not good, she revealed. Hes into everything. He runs. He babbles. Hes a good eater.

While he may have musical talents like his mama, Isaiah tends to follow in his daddy’s footsteps when it comes to food. Unlike the “Church Bells” singer, Isaiah does not follow a vegan diet.He loves everything. Hes not a huge meat eater, but he likes turkey and stuff like that. Lots of veggies,she said.

The 33-year-old raved about Isaiah, calling him a “good guy,” and also admitted that she is open to the idea of expanding their family.

Oh definitely!Im not sure when because were both kind of busy these days, she explained. But yeah, definitely. And Im like, Hes so good I could do a few more of those.

Underwood’s tour picks back up tonight at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin.