Carrie Underwood Brings Down The House With National Anthem at NHL Playoff Game

Carrie Underwood surprised a packed crowd in Bridgestone Arena with the National Anthem ahead of the Nashville Predators playoff game.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Carrie Underwood Brings Down The House With National Anthem at NHL Playoff Game
Carrie Underwood; Photo via Facebook

She’s back! In an unexpected and welcome surprise Sunday evening (4/29), Carrie Underwood was revealed to be the National Anthem performer ahead of the Nashville Predators’ Stanley Cup playoff game.

The crowd, complete with red Nissan-sponsored light sabers, quickly jumped to their feet when the arena’s announcer revealed the surprise guest to center ice. As each high note was hit, fans quickly applauded the country powerhouse’s vocal abilities.

Underwood is a huge fan of the Nashville Predators, as both a resident of Music City and the wife of one of the players, Mike Fisher. She is often seen celebrating the team’s triumphs from a box within Bridgestone Arena.

“I think going to the Stanley Cup Finals last year was such a confidence booster. I mean, nobody expected them to make it as far as they did. I did, but [laughs] nobody else. We seem to be the underdogs in every single situation. And seeing Mike and hearing Mike talking about those guys and how much talent was on the ice and how much they had in them, it wasn’t surprising to me at all that they made it to the finals last year,” Underwood said of the team spirit recently.

On Friday (4/27), the Preds faced an unfortunate loss against the Winnipeg Jets in game one of the second round of playoffs. After Sunday night’s game, the teams will move to Winnipeg for the next few games.

The Oklahoma native performed the Star-Spangled Banner last year during the Predators first run in the Stanely Cup playoffs. Since then, many other country stars, including Dierks Bentley, Vince Gill, Maren Morris, among others, have taken to the ice for surprise performances.