Carrie Underwood Calls Nashville Predators Support ‘Absolutely Electric’

Put those fang fingers up high because Carrie Underwood, along with the rest of the Nashville community, is standing behind the Predators.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Carrie Underwood Calls Nashville Predators Support ‘Absolutely Electric’
Carrie Underwood; Photo via Instagram

Get your fang fingers at the ready, because the Nashville Predators are about to claw their way into the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

With Music City bleeding shades of navy and gold in support of the local NHL team, Carrie Underwood stands proudly with them as she cheers on her husband, Mike Fisher, and the rest of the roster on their journey through the playoff rounds. Destroying the Colorado Avalanche in a six-game series, the Preds plan to take on the Winnipeg Jets next in their hopes of taking home the ultimate hockey trophy this year.

Underwood thinks the spirit of last year slid right into this season on the ice, and hopes the guys notch even more wins because of that energy.

“I think going to the Stanley Cup Finals last year was such a confidence booster. I mean, nobody expected them to make it as far as they did. I did, but [laughs] nobody else. We seem to be the underdogs in every single situation. And seeing Mike and hearing Mike talking about those guys and how much talent was on the ice and how much they had in them, it wasn’t surprising to me at all that they made it to the finals last year,” Underwood said recently.

While some visitors mistake Nashville as merely a music town, sports also dominate the area especially when it comes to Preds pride. From knowing the chants to singing along with Tim McGraw every time the team scores, it’s a Nashville tradition to root for the Predators every step along the way.

Woah…and it’s not even 5 o’clock yet…

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“It was amazing to me and surprising to me that people didn’t know Nashville’s a hockey town,” Underwood admitted. “I would even do interviews, and they were like, ‘Oh, everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon.’ I’m like, ‘No. There’s no bandwagon. That arena is full every single game.’ So, to see the town like really get out and show everybody how much support they have behind the Predators was incredible, and for people all around the country to see how much Nashville loves the Predators was just incredible. and the town was absolutely electric the few weeks leading up to the final especially during that last week or so. To see 100,000 people lining Broadway, I mean, that was incredible, so let’s do it again.”

Fans of Underwood can cheer on her husband’s NHL team while supporting her new single, “Cry Pretty,” which is available now.