Carter’s Chord Gets ‘Wild Together’ With New Music

Carter’s Chord Gets ‘Wild Together’ With New Music

After spending the better part of a year immersed in writing and recording, Carter's Chord will release a new six song EP on May 24, 2011. Titled Wild Together, this collection of songs reflects the creative growth of the band not only as writers and musicians, but also in finding their voice.

Carter's Chord is sisters Becky, Emily and Joanna Robertson, whose parents Carter and Barny Robertson toured and recorded with Waylon Jennings during the height of the legendary Outlaw movement.

“We have been surrounded by music and a lot of creative people our entire lives,” notes group member Joanna Robertson. “Growing up in California and Nashville, our influences are an interesting mix, but the common thread has always been bands that have a real organic sound, and of course great harmonies.”

Adds sister Emily, ” We really wanted this music to be a better reflection of who we are as recording artists. We spent a lot of time focusing on the writing part, and in creating the kind of sound that best represents us.”

“There's some real attitude on this recording,” Becky says. “When you grow up with parents who were a part of the Outlaw movement, you really can't help that.”

There is attitude (“I Can Break Hearts Too,” “Simple Little Screwed Up Life”), and of course the music on this new offering is drenched in beautiful harmonies, the kind only siblings can create. The lead single, “A Little Less Comfortable,” as well as the title track, each showcase that sound perfectly.

Wild Together is the sound of a group hitting its stride. It's the organic beauty of Emmylou Harris, the harmonies of Fleetwood Mac and the attitude of Waylon, Willie, the Black Crowes, Miranda Lambert and all the boys and girls who through their music strove to make us all a little less comfortable.

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Wild Together - The title track for our EP, “Wild Together” was written by Emily and Joanna with Andrew Dorff. This is one of those songs that make us want to turn it up loud, roll down the windows, and go for a drive on a Summer day. The feeling of being wild and invincible with the one you love is the story we wanted to capture. There is also a shout out to our heroes Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter making this song very personal to us.

I Can Break Hearts Too - We refer to this song as “a polite way to say screw you”. All three of us wrote it with Brice Long. The track sounds like a blend of an old spaghetti western and something that would be on a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack. Funky and swampy…just how we like it!

A Little Less Comfortable - Emily and Joanna wrote this song with our good friend Phillip White. It’s one of those songs that literally wrote itself…in about 45 minutes. We felt the hook was undeniable and the subject matter is a story that needs to be told. Whether you have been married for 20 years or just recently in a relationship, it’s easy to slip into a life that’s too comfortable. It’s so easy to take the people in your life for granted. Our first single off of our EP, this song encourages everyone to step outside their comfort zones. We want the listener to feel compelled to get back to the basics of life and seize the day whatever that might look like.

Simple Little Screwed Up Life - Written by Emily and Joanna with our friend Phillip White, this song embodies the rootsy country blues sound that is Carter’s Chord. Working in the studio collectively with Mark Wright and Toby Keith, we wanted to create a project that delved into a sound of organic instruments, driving melodies, and undeniable harmonies. We feel “Simple Little Screwed Up Life” hits that nail on the head and we are so proud of the way the song turned out.

We Ain’t Makin Love - This song was written by Becky and Butter from the band “Trailer Choir” almost four years ago. It’s one of those songs we kept coming back to over and over again. Badass lyrics that female artists rarely tackle paired with an almost Fleetwood Mac type track…this is a song we guarantee will get stuck in your head. (It’s okay to turn it up if you want)

Love A Little Bigger - In 2009, we had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala to do some charity work. We were struck by the amazing need for love that exists in this world. After returning home, Emily sat down one afternoon and wrote this song. Every time we sing it on stage we can’t help but get a little choked up. As artists, our hope for the world is that we all learn to “Love A Little Bigger”.