Casey James Gears Up To Release New Music

Written by Lauren Laffer
Casey James Gears Up To Release New Music

Casey James

It’s been quite some time since fans have heard Casey James on the radio.

The Texas native released his debut album in 2012, and brought two singles into the Top 30. After his hiatus from the spotlight, the former “American Idol” contestant is now getting ready to hit the radio waves with some new tunes.

James recently called in to Connecticut’s Country 92.5 to talk about his new music and a possible forthcoming single. “I’m going back, literally in just a few days and get some more stuff done, and so, I would say, definitely over halfway with the record, which is great,” he told host Broadway. “Should be going with a single within the next six weeks.”

With that new single comes an entire new album, one that the “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” singer is eager to share. “I felt good about the last record when I made it. I wrote a bunch of songs. I think you should always feel proud of what you’re doing, but I’ve never felt this excited about anything in my while life. And I really mean that. It’s in my heart. It’s like saying every single thing that I’ve ever done has lead me to this point to make this record. I’m so excited about it.”

When asked what fans should expect from the new record, James explained that the sound will be different and more upbeat for his shows. “It’s a little bit heavier. More rock influence being shown in the record. I’ve got some bluesy stuff.

Who’s excited for new Casey James music?

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