Casi Joy Releases Stirring Music Video for ‘Senses Fail’

The video is intentionally left open to interpretation. 

Casi Joy Releases Stirring Music Video for ‘Senses Fail’
Photo Courtesy of Casi Joy

Casi Joy released her sweeping heartbreak song “Senses Fail” earlier this month, and now the singer has a cinematic music video for the track premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (7/28).

The music video opens on The Voice alum sitting in a room alone as she begins to sing the song. The clip then transitions to a female photographer taking photos of a couple, but she can’t help but see herself and her ex-love when snapping pictures of other couples in love. This imagery fits perfectly with the song’s longing lyrics, which find Joy condemning her senses for keeping the memory of her past love alive. It’s not clear if Joy is singing about a break-up, the death of a loved one, or some other kind of loss, and that mystery is by design.

“This song is super personal and emotional for me. But when writing it, I thought it was important to leave the lyrics open to the listener’s interpretation because I think it’s a feeling we’ve all shared,” Joy told SLN. “We’ve all felt grief over so many different things, but sometimes we don’t get the closure we think time is supposed to give us.”

The story of the music video continues as Joy moves from singing the song in a house to singing outside in a decorative setting. Meanwhile, the photographer continues to be haunted by her past until, at the end of the video, she takes a photo by herself — as if to convince herself of her reality.

“With the music video, my incredible director Lucas Cohen and I wanted to keep it open for interpretation as well,” she said. “I’m so grateful to Chelsea Davenport at Raising Rust for letting us use her beautiful property! It was the perfect nostalgic touch to match the song, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone.”

Casi Joy appeared on NBC’s The Voice in 2017, competing on Blake Shelton’s team. The singer was eliminated after the show’s live playoff rounds, but she has continued releasing music since her stint on the show. Other recent releases include “The Money” and “Namaste.”