Cassadee Pope Borrows Her Ex’s ‘Hoodie’ In New Lyric Video Premiere

Watch Cassadee’s mad dance skills in this can’t-miss clip.

Cassadee Pope Borrows Her Ex’s ‘Hoodie’ In New Lyric Video Premiere
Cassadee Pope; Photo credit: Steven Darling

Cassadee Pope was a teenager when Fall Out Boy and Dashboard Confessional topped the charts, and when wearing a hoodie proved you were a true punk rock fan. It’s a symbol of a simpler, yet dramatic, time in life—the angst of adolescence and the bliss of first times. In Pope’s latest song, she memorializes this classic article of clothing with a stripped-down ode to ex-boyfriends and an easy excuse to revisit a past relationship.

The GRAMMY®-nominee co-wrote the acoustic-led track with Emily Weisband, who agreed that a hoodie was the perfect reminder of young love. “Sometimes we just use the most obvious excuses to get in touch with somebody, but we think we’re being really discreet about it,” the “Wasting All These Tears” singer contends. “It could be something as small as a hoodie; and how nostalgic and how memory-triggering a piece of clothing like that can be. It really takes you back in time. Sometimes those things can still smell like the person, even all those years later; and it’s just kind of crazy what it does to the brain.”

The lyric video, premiering today exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville, finds the former winner of The Voice breaking out some hilarious dance moves, all while donning the oversized hoodie of her current boyfriend, actor and singer Sam Palladio. In contrast to the serious visuals she’s released for the vulnerable “Let Me Go” and the self-made “Built This House,” the clip for “Hoodie” is a carefree break from the heartfelt confessions that comprise Pope’s latest music.

“My goal for this song is to make people smile and also just to really focus on how hilarious the lyric is about trying to be subtle in getting back in touch with somebody that you’ve wanted to talk to for a long time, but not being subtle at all,” Pope shares. “It’s a really relatable feeling we’ve all had, and I hope that gets translated in my silliness in the video.”

“Hoodie” previews Pope’s upcoming acoustic EP, Rise and Shine, releasing Aug. 7.