Cassadee Pope Takes The Long Way Home in ‘One More Red Light’

Cassadee Pope is back with a brand new single called "One More Red Light," which captures the exhilarating start to a new relationship.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Cassadee Pope Takes The Long Way Home in ‘One More Red Light’
Cassadee Pope; Single art courtesy of pfa Entertainment Media & Marketing

The start of a new relationship is always an exciting time for two young lovers, who don’t quite want their date to end. That feeling of bliss and exhilaration is mixed throughout Cassadee Pope’s new single, “One More Red Light.”

Co-written by Pope with Kelly Archer and Emily Shackleton, the song tells of the many thrilling changes happening in the singer’s life.

“The idea for “One More Red Light” came from the excitement of connecting with someone that you’re getting to know,” said Pope in a press release. “It’s such a fun and unpredictable time, and if it’s going THAT well, you just don’t want the night to end, so the story I’m telling between ‘Take You Home’ and ‘One More Red Light’ is about hope and vulnerability.”

Added Pope, “This is a whole new chapter in my life. I absolutely dive into the darker times on some of the other tracks coming for this project, but I wanted to start the story here.”

The track, in which she sings “One more red light / Let’s keep it going / Take another lap around this town / Another slide over to your side / Stealing kisses, baby, I just wanna drag it out,” has captured the attention and support of many of Pope’s fellow artists.

Among the stars taking to Twitter was Lindsay Ell, who tweeted “Yessss girl,” while encouraging fans to go purchase the track, with Chris Young adding “Sounds great as always!!!! (Not surprised).”

“One More Red Light” is the second song from Pope’s upcoming release. It follows the bubbly “Take You Home,” which has since garnered more than 8 million streams since its release.