Catching Up With Kellie Pickler

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Catching Up With Kellie Pickler


Before a home-state tour stop this past weekend, Charlotte Observer caught up with North Carolina native Kellie Pickler to get the scoop on all kinds of fun things! It’s a great read and further proves that not only is Kellie a fun country cutie, but she’s also got a heart of gold!

The tour: “(Taylor) said a long time ago if she ever had (a headlining tour), I’d go out with her.”

Hanging out with Swift on the road: “We’ll just do normal things. Get our nails done, shopping, talking.”

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve: “I had so much fun. I was so shocked when we got the offer to do that. I’ve watched 'Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ since I can remember. Dick Clark is such a legend. Hopefully, they’ll ask me to come back.”

Approaching fans: “A lot of times (because you’re well known), people are scared to come up to you. You can tell they want to talk to you. I’ll walk up to them. I’ve always been that kind of person. If someone is sitting alone at a restaurant, I’m going to ask… to sit together. I hate seeing elders sitting by themselves.”

Her new Nashville home: “It’s my dream home. As soon as I walked in, it had this amazing feeling. It’s not cookie cutter. It feels like a spa. I probably won’t move in until the end of the year.”

Her shoe addiction: “It didn’t hit me until I was older. When I was younger, I was more of a tomboy. I went barefoot. In my teenage years, I couldn’t afford the shoes I wanted. Now it’s gotten out of control. I look for height – I’m 5-1, if that – and for style. I have some crazy shoes.”

Walking in heels: “I walk better in heels. I wear tennis shoes to the airport, and I’m stumbling all over the place. I’m so used to being on my toes.”

The difference between her and Swift: “She’s up at the crack of dawn. She’s like the Energizer Bunny. I’m more of a night owl. I’m up all night. If I don’t have anything to do, then I’ll sleep until somebody jumps on me and shakes me. My bus is like a cave in the back. I can’t tell if it’s daytime or nighttime.”

The next record: “The more records you do, the more say you get. I’m really wanting the next album to be more country. I love Loretta Lynn. Dolly (Parton’s) my favorite. I love that style.”

Telling a radio interviewer she’s dating Kid Rock: “I did? We’re just friends.”

Paula Abdul leaving “American Idol”: “It is what it is. You’ve got to be happy with what you’re doing.”

Her old “AI” Season 5 friends: “Bucky (Covington) is in Nashville. I talk to Chris (Daughtry) and Ace (Young). Katharine (McPhee) and I are really close. She’s one of my best friends.”

The kitten she had just gotten the last time she spoke to The Observer: “Pickles! I still have him. I got him from the animal shelter in Franklin. He’s gotten so big. He doesn’t come on the road much. He’s not a big fan of the bus…. I have a Chihuahua; he’s in the bed with me now. He’s more travel-friendly.”