Caylee Hammack On Why Thanksgiving Is Her ‘Favorite Holiday’

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday too!

Caylee Hammack On Why Thanksgiving Is Her ‘Favorite Holiday’
Caylee Hammack backstage at Ford Fairchild's photo booth at “The 54th Annual CMA Awards,” airing live Wednesday, November 11, 2020 on ABC from Music City Center in Downtown Nashville; Photo credit: Ford Fairchild

Caylee Hammack, like many people, is looking forward to having a delicious meal and seeing some family this Thanksgiving. Hammack says she and her family usually opt for a low-key Thanksgiving, and she also shared that the holiday is her favorite for a good reason.

“Thanksgiving is the one holiday where we stay at home,” she says. “We stay at my family’s house, and it’s just me, my mom and dad, my brother and sister and their families. We all sit around and just eat all day. And I love Thanksgiving because you don’t have to worry about getting gifts for people; you don’t have to worry about wrapping them. You just show up and you eat all day with the people you love. So, I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday.”

Of all the foods Hammack and her family will be eating on Thanksgiving, she had a few that are her absolutely favorites. They are both signature Thanksgiving dishes — one with a southern twist.

“My favorite Thanksgiving meal (dish) is definitely cornbread dressing,” she said. “My mom makes the best — some people call it stuffing, but I’ve always called it dressing for some reason. But I love that with canned cranberry jelly.”

Caylee Hammack goes into this holiday season after a successful year in her career, as she released her debut album, If It Wasn’t For You, and was nominated for ACM and CMA Awards.