CB30 Risks It All in ‘Bean Boozled’

The brotherly duo put their tastebuds to the test by trying to choose the right flavor and hope to not land on a nasty bean.

Written by Kelly Brickey
CB30 Risks It All in ‘Bean Boozled’
CB30; Photo via YouTube

CB30 left their fate up to the wheel of jelly beans as they sat down for a round of ‘Bean Boozled.’

In an exclusive video shared with Sounds Like Nashville, the brotherly duo hung out in Nashville to play a round of the risky candy game. Upon every spin of the wheel landed a color of bean for one of the boys to pick up and taste, with different flavors infused into the candy without their knowledge. Not knowing whether they’d end up with some sweetness or wind up with a nasty flavor, the two put their tastebuds to the test during the quick competition.

Brody kicked off the game, landing upon the ‘caramel corn or moldy cheese’ category. Picking up a random white bean from the box, Brody began to munch down on what turned out to be the wrong choice of moldy cheese. Nevertheless, he chewed through his misery and earned his first loss in the brotherly match-up.

Christian then took his turn and wound up choosing between ‘chocolate pudding or canned dog food.’ After a few bites of the brown-colored candy, he determined that he came out victorious with a chocolate flavor in his mouth. Taking the lead thanks to random probability, Christian definitely seemed happy he didn’t munch upon the dog food taste.

Going back and forth selecting both hits and misses for the boys, Christian lost the game when he chowed down upon a booger-flavored bean rather than the tastier option of juicy pear. Walking away with his head in defeat, he gracefully accepted his loss to his brother, Brody, who slowly but surely won the battle.

CB30’s single, “Cool If You Wanna,” is out now. The duo also released a song just in time for the holidays with their cover of “The Christmas Song.” Fans can stream or purchase the carol on digital services now.