Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea’s Five Fab Exercises To Get Red Carpet Ready

Celebrity trainer Erin Oprea is giving Sounds Like Nashville readers five fabulous exercises to help live a healthier lifestyle.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea’s Five Fab Exercises To Get Red Carpet Ready
Erin Oprea; Photo credit: Zach Harrison

Strutting your stuff across a wide stage while singing your heart out is exhausting for anyone, which is why many of country’s leading acts use trainers to help them stay in tip-top shape. Working those long hours in the spotlight can leave anyone exhausted if they don’t have the right support.

Enter Erin Oprea.

Oprea, a former U.S. Marine has become the go-to trainer for many of country’s lovely ladies, with singers like Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, Lindsay Ell and more leaning on her for fitness. Her training tips leave them looking long, lean and strong for anything life throws their way. Helping the stars, and anyone seeking to live a healthier lifestyle, has become a passion for the nine-year veteran.

“Eat clean to get lean. Work out to get healthy. I really believe that those are the best ways to get healthy and stay healthy for your whole life. I say it all the time. I live it. And I encourage all my of friends and family to live it as well,” Oprea tells Sounds Like Nashville. “One of the best parts of sharing my passion for health and fitness with others is hearing their successes. I love hearing that they feel stronger, that their health is better and that they are getting closer to their goals. That is super exciting for me!”

Oprea will celebrate her passion for fitness and health when she leads the upcoming ACM Workout for a Cause: Erin Oprea Unleashed Tour, with special guest Kelsea Ballerini, in Sin City during “The Week Vegas Goes Country!” To celebrate, Oprea is offering Five Fab Exercises To Get Red Carpet Ready for Sounds Like Nashville readers. Check out her tips below!

Keep up with Oprea’s healthiest tips by picking up a copy of her latest book, The 4×4 Diet.

Erin Oprea’s Five Fab Exercises To Get Red Carpet Ready


1. Tricep Extensions

Grab some weights (or water bottles, wine bottles, whatever) and hold them in your hands above your head with your thumbs facing behind you. Bend your arms until your elbows are at about a 90 degree angle, keeping your elbows tucked, and your shoulders and core tight. Lift your forearms until your arms are straight above your head again. It’s important to keep your core engaged and back straight during this exercise, which is great for toning the backs of your arms so that you’re ready to rock that strapless dress on the red carpet. (Exercise 1 in this video)

2. Close push ups

Get into plank position, with your hands directly under your shoulders, elbows tucked in tight to your body, then lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Push back to starting position. Keep your core engaged the entire time and make sure that your body is straight. You don’t want to your butt to poke up or to sag towards the floor. This move works to make those beautiful chest and shoulder muscles that you’ll want to show off in a spaghetti strap number! (Exercise 2 in this video)

3. Lunge hold twist

Grab a dumbbell between 5-12 lbs by both hands. Holding your arms locked straight out in front of you, drop down into a lunge with your right leg forward and your left leg back and hold. You will hold your arms locked straight out the whole maneuver. Now twist to the right, twist back to center, then stand keeping your feet where they are. Repeat 12-15 times without letting your arms drop (down, twist, stand) before switching legs and twist direction. This exercise is great for working your legs, your butt, your core, your arms – all of it! (Exercise 1 in this video)

4. Bicycle crunches

While laying on your back, rest your head in your hands, lift both feet off the floor. Bend your left knee while extending your right foot. Touch your right elbow to your left knee, then smoothly switch knees, extending the left foot, bending the right knee and touching it to the left elbow. This is a great way to completely work your core. Having a strong core helps you stand up taller, making you look instantly leaner. (Exercise 1 in this video)

5. Cherry Pickers 

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Hold a 20- to 40-pound dumbbell with both hands. Stand with your legs wide and knees softened. Bend at the hips – keeping your back flat, chest up, and shoulders back – as you lower the weight straight down. Then reach the weight back between your legs, controlling the motion. Push through your heels to lift back up to standing position, still keeping your back flat, chest up, and shoulders back. These are awesome for your hamstrings. (Exercise 5 in this video)