Charles Esten Teases Final Scene of CMT’s ‘Nashville’

After six seasons, CMT's Nashville will wrap with what actor Charles Esten calls a 'delicate and special' ending.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Charles Esten Teases Final Scene of CMT’s ‘Nashville’
Charles Esten; Photo Credit: Mark Levine/CMT

July 26 will mark the end of an era – the end of the Nashville era. After six dramatic and intense seasons, the CMT smash will close the curtains once and for all. The conclusion is both bittersweet and fulfilling for the star-studded cast, who has called Music City home since its inception.

The road to its conclusion wasn’t always an easy one for the cast of Nashville, as the show previously ran on ABC for four seasons before its abrupt cancellation by the network. Thanks to fans’ pleas, CMT rescued the show and ran it for two more seasons before pulling the plug. It was early in season six when the network decided to wrap things up, giving the close cast (and its fan base) a sense of finality and closure.

While Charles Esten, the show’s Deacon Claybourne, is sad about the show’s end, he’s eager for his character’s storyline to get wrapped up in a complete and satisfying way.

“I really love the way, knowing that it was the last season, the writers got to bring it to a close especially for me, my character gets to deal with one more thing. And it’s not just one more tangential sort of frivolous thing, it’s the deepest thing. It’s his relationship with his father, which like all of us, that earliest relationship sort of shapes who are. It shaped for Deacon the demons he would fight later, sort of the characteristics, the doubts he had about himself,” he shared with Sounds Like Nashville and other media while backstage during the 2018 CMA Music Festival.

Jonathan Jackson, Chris Carmack, Charles Esten, Lennon & Maisy; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

With that sentiment, Esten teased that the show would wrap when that relationship came to a head, and all of the feelings were finally dealt with.

“If we had left this show two seasons ago without Deacon ever getting to deal with this thing, it wouldn’t have been right. He deals with it all the way … Not only to the final episode, I’m telling you it’s the final scene, it’s the final line. So, there’s a sense of completion that I’m very grateful for. And I think all the different characters have that. The very ending, it is special and you’re crossing your fingers because this thing is so delicate and special to us. You just want it to end well and I hope everybody agrees with me that it ended like it began, which was with magic.”

Nashville airs Thursdays on CMT with the final episode set for July 26.