Chase Rice Visits Dad’s Grave Site in ‘Amen’ Video

Everything, including Rice's tears, are 100 percent real as the singer confirmed about the treatment. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Chase Rice Visits Dad’s Grave Site in ‘Amen’ Video
Chase Rice; Courtesy of Vevo

If any Chase Rice fan is prone to tears, they better break out a box of Kleenex because Rice shows his vulnerable side as he visits his hometown in the video for “Amen.”

From the minute that the singer heard the lyrics to “Amen,” the idea of visiting his late father and reminiscing on their memories came to Rice’s head. Filming the video way before he even laid it down to the track, Rice knew how poignant of a project this would be for him and his longtime videographer, Cody Cannon.

“We recorded the video and all of the footage before I had ever even recorded the song. That’s when you know something is pretty special when it falls into place like that. To me, it’s a higher power that allows something like that to turn out so well. This was all for me to go home and see my dad,” Rice explained to People about the video concept.

Taking the long road home from Tennessee to North Carolina, Rice winds up back where he grew up for a special visit to give his dad a present. Although his father passed away suddenly from a heart attack in 2008, Rice always shares his work with his hero and the emotion on his face in the footage shows just how much he misses that quality time with his old man.

“The hardest part for me was that I didn’t want to fake anything — I wasn’t going to fake cry, we weren’t going to re-shoot me walking up to the grave, it was all one take. This video is 100 percent real,” Rice said.

As Rice breaks down looking through past photographs of their bonding days, it really shows a deeper side to the singer that most don’t know. Although his Lambs & Lions record diversifies his sound, he truly opens up to listeners by way of this emotional music video.

“Amen,” which is featured on Lambs & Lions, is out now.