There’s No Distracting Chase Rice in New ‘Eyes On You’ Music Video

Rice tore a pectoral muscle during the filming of this video!

Written by Lauren Laffer
There’s No Distracting Chase Rice in New ‘Eyes On You’ Music Video
Chase Rice; Photo courtesy of FlyteVu

Since releasing his Lambs & Lions album, Chase Rice’s “Eyes On You” has quickly become a fan favorite. The song has garnered more than 50 million streams upon its release, so Rice decided to bring the song to life with a new music video.

During the filming expedition to California, Rice and his friends took to the mountains for some snowboarding, during which Rice tore a pectoral muscle and required surgery. Pushing through the pain, Rice was back to filming just three days after surgery to finish out the breathtaking clip.

Sunday’s. For God, good food and a splash of Gentleman Jack.

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The North Carolina native co-wrote the tune with Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano about a man so enamored with a woman that no matter the sights, she’s the most breathtaking view. “No matter where we go No matter what we do / If you’re there girl, I’ve got my eyes on you / Don’t matter where we’ve been / No there ain’t no better view / Than you in my arms with my eyes on you,” he sings.

“The day we wrote this song we knew it special,” the North Carolina native says. “Yes, it’s a groove, but what I love is that it was born out of the notion ‘no matter where I go, no matter what I do,’ when we’re there together I’m in that moment and nothing else matters. To the fans singing these lyrics back night-after-night, I see you. Thank you for making this a huge song for us already!”

“Eyes On You” is the follow-up to Rice’s Top 20 “Three Chords & The Truth.” Both appear on his most recent album, Lambs & Lions.