Chicago Cubs’ World Series Win was a Full Circle Moment for Longtime Fan Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge discusses his love for the Chicago Cubs and why the team's World Series win was so meaningful to him. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Chicago Cubs’ World Series Win was a Full Circle Moment for Longtime Fan Brett Eldredge
Photo via Instagram

For his “Wanna Be That Song” music video, Brett Eldredge knew that he wanted it to be bigger and better than anything he had done before. The clip needed to be movie-like and fans on a ride through a story bigger than the song itself. In order to accomplish this task, Eldredge decided to take the shoot back to his home state of Illinois and the center of a childhood passion… Wrigley Field.

“When I was trying to pick out how I wanted to shoot the video for ‘Wanna Be That Song,’ I wanted it to be something very cinematic,” Eldredge told Sounds Like Nashville and other media while backstage at the CMA Country Christmas taping earlier this week. “I grew up as a huge Cubs fan. Wrigley Field has that magic, this aura about it. So being a huge Cubs fan, and I have connections there that they’re amazing, they let me take control of Wrigley Field for a whole day. I got to play around like a kid as a baseball player. It was the coolest experience…”

Little did he know, but the video shoot was far from the last time Eldredge would step foot into the stadium this year. The singer returned to the midwest for the final games of this year’s World Series, a match up between his beloved Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. The series would eventually end in Cleveland in the 10th inning of game seven with the Cubs taking their first World Series victory in 108 years. After the final game, the city of Chicago gathered for a parade to celebrate the victory, reportedly marking one of the largest gathering of people in history… and Eldredge was there for all of it.

“…to have [the video shoot] be the year that we won the World Series was just the most magic thing in the world. And to actually be there when we won and get to go back in Wrigley the morning of the parade and get to sing that day… all this crazy stuff just kind of unfolded and it all started this year at the beginning of shooting that music video.”

The occasion was certainly a full circle moment for the singer, who is still riding on high from his Cubs flying the W.