Chris Bandi Announces Release of Debut EP, Reveals Cover Art and Track Listing

Seven songs are coming your way from Chris Bandi!

Chris Bandi Announces Release of Debut EP, Reveals Cover Art and Track Listing
Chris Bandi; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Chris Bandi has new music coming very soon. He revealed exclusively to Sounds Like Nashville fans on Facebook today (5/5) that his self-titled, debut EP will drop on May 29th. The project, produced by Ash Bowers and Bandi, features seven tracks, four of which were co-written by the singer. From good-time tunes, to highly emotional tracks, the project covers a multitude of subjects, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all true to who the St. Louis, Missouri native is at the heart.

“I grew up loving country music and some of the biggest advice that I got was to write about stuff that I knew about, write about my truth,” he shared in an interview with SLN ahead of the announcement. “That is the biggest theme in the EP. It’s all songs that I can relate to. We’re not talking about tractors and jacked up trucks, but I grew up loving country music and the storytelling and the lyrics. That’s what I’ve always been drawn to with country music — how true the lyrics are and how relatable a lot of the lyrics are, and that’s what I wanted to stay true to with this EP.”

chris bandi
Chris Bandi; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Among the tracks is Bandi’s current single, “Man Enough Now.” In the song, Bandi tells the true story about a relationship that ended because he wasn’t quite ready at the time, but he would be “man enough” for the relationship now. The project is also an introduction into Bandi’s unique sound, crafted by himself and Bowers. Overall, Bandi says, he hopes fans can enjoy the project and relate to it.

“As for me, I want this to be a fun EP that people can listen to,” he said. “It tugs at your heart strings a little bit. I really want them to dive into the lyrics because that is, to me, what’s been so important — listening to a song to help you get over a break up, listening to a song that brings you back in time. I want it to be a feel-good album and take people’s minds off whatever’s going on in their world at this time.”

Chris Bandi EP track list:

1. “Dirt On Me”
By Matt Jenkins, Michael Hardy, and Smith Anhquist

2. “Leave It To A Song”
By Zach Kale, Matt Rogers, and Jordan Fletcher

3. “Would Have Loved Her”
By Zach Kale and Chris Bandi

4. “Free”
By Allison Veltz Cruz, Zach Kale, and Connie Harrington

5. “They Make Whiskey”
By Chris Bandi, Billy Montana, and Dave Turnbull

6. “What If We Don’t”
By Jason Massey, Chris Bandi, and Kylie Sackley

7. “Man Enough Now”
By Chris Bandi, Jason Allen Duke, Jason Massey