Chris Bandi Releases Radio Edit Of Fan Favorite, ‘Man Enough Now’

The song has even brought couples back together...

Chris Bandi Releases Radio Edit Of Fan Favorite, ‘Man Enough Now’
Chris Bandi; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Chris Bandi is singing about young love gone wrong in the new radio edit of his 2017 song, “Man Enough Now.” The new version will serve as Bandi’s first official single, and will ship to radio in January. The song finds Bandi regretting his actions in a past relationship, and wishing he could go back and do things right back now that he’s ready for love. The song was written by Bandi, Jason Massey and Jason Duke, and was inspired by the singer’s personal experience.

“I wrote this song with two of my best friends in Nashville, and I had this idea. I was thinking about a relationship that I had been in prior to moving to Nashville,” he says in an exclusive interview with Sounds Like Nashville. “I was starting to think if we started dating now, and if it would work out a little differently than it did back then because I feel like I’m man enough for a relationship now.”

The coming-of-age story is one that many people can relate to, which has been proven not only by the 60 million streams the song has received, but also by the stories Bandi has heard from fans. In fact, he has even helped bring couples back together through the tune.

“That’s probably been the coolest thing so far — people coming up after shows saying that it has helped them get through a break-up or it has helped them get over somebody,” he says. “What’s been cool also is hearing that somebody sent this song to their ex-girlfriend and said, ‘Hey, you know what? I didn’t know what I had when I lost it, and now I do and I feel like I’m man enough now.’ [People have] gotten back together, which has been cool.”

The song will appear on Bandi’s new EP, which will feature six new songs and will be released in 2020. And while there is a music video for “Man Enough Now” from its original release, Bandi confirmed that he has shot a new video for the tune.

“We actually hired a pretty cool actress and an actor to be in it that we’re really, really excited about, so I gotta keep that under wraps,” Bandi says. “But we shot it all around East Nashville near my house and places that I hang out, so we tried to keep it as true to myself as we could. It looks really, really cool if I’m not bragging about it too much.”

When he’s not getting ready for the release of his music video and EP, fans can find Bandi on the road with American Idol Season 17 winner, Laine Hardy, starting Nov. 14 in Milwaukee, WI.