Chris Janson: ‘I’m Incredibly Thankful’ for the Opportunity to Perform at the Grand Ole Opry

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Chris Janson: ‘I’m Incredibly Thankful’ for the Opportunity to Perform at the Grand Ole Opry

Today is a very special day for newcomer Chris Janson. This evening, the “Better I Don’t” singer is set to make his debut on Country music’s most famous stage, the Grand Ole Opry. We caught up with Janson this morning to discuss the honor.

“I’m just extremely humbled and thankful,” he told CountryMusicIsLove about having the opportunity to appear at the Opry. “It’s been my biggest goal forever and I’m finally getting to do it. It takes a long time to get invited and now that the music is where it needs to be and I’m where I need to be, I finally got invited to do it. I’m incredibly thankful. They have no idea how thankful I am.”

The Missouri native says some of his friends and family will be making the trip to see his performance. “I’m not exactly sure how many and who [is coming], but it’s been posted up on Facebook and on the website for awhile. My little local newspaper did a little write-up about it.”

One thing’s for sure. His immediate family will be there cheering him on. “The people that will be with me are my wife and kids. My parents will be in the audience and some of my wife’s family will be there too. I take my wife and kids everywhere. They’re with me all the time, no matter what.”

He will also be joined by one of his “best buddies,” James Otto.

“We wrote a song together on my album called ‘When I’m Holding Her’ about Kelly, my wife, and my youngest Georgia,” Janson explained. “When we wrote it, James was writing about his wife and baby too, but it ended up being something I was gonna cut on my record so we really personalized it. Anyway, long story short, James is coming to hang out with me tonight when I sing the Opry for the first time. I’m gonna do my single first then James is coming up for the second one to sing a duet with me. It’s gonna be really awesome.”

Fans can keep up with Jason on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the “Better I Don’t” lyric video below…