Chris Janson Sings ‘Trump Yeah’ at Republican National Convention

Chris Janson re-worked the lyrics of "Truck Yeah" while performing at Cleveland Rocks 2016. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Chris Janson Sings ‘Trump Yeah’ at Republican National Convention

As everyone probably knows by now, the Republican National Convention has been going on in Cleveland, OH all week long. The Republicans have officially named Donald Trump as the official candidate for the 2016 Presidential election.

Throughout the entirety of the event, several of music’s biggest stars have entertained the audience as part of the festivities. One of the off-site shows put on by Cleveland Rocks 2016 included a special performance from rising superstar Chris Janson. The high-energy singer sang “Trump Yeah,” a play on a song he co-wrote called “Truck Yeah.”

“Truck Yeah” was recorded and released by Tim McGraw in 2013 on his Two Lanes of Freedom album.

The Cleveland Rocks 2016 events are private, invitation-only events. They are not affiliated with either political party. The shows are produced by Blue Star Productions, LLC. The Green Beret Foundation, The Folded Flag Foundation, The Guardians of Heroes Foundation, OH Fallen Heroes and SRT-K9 Unit are all charities receiving proceeds from Cleveland Rocks 2016.