Chris Lane Gets a Surprise at The End of ‘I Don’t Know About You’ Video

We didn't see this ending coming! 

Written by Hannah Rines
Chris Lane Gets a Surprise at The End of ‘I Don’t Know About You’ Video
Chris Lane; Photo credit: Randy Shaffer

Whether it’s love at first sight or a craving for a fun night, Chris Lane is looking for a good time in the new music video for his latest single “I Don’t Know About You.”

In the video, at a dimly lit bar with more neon lights than patrons, a group of guys start filing in. In walks Chris Lane looking like the cleanest off-duty mechanic you would ever see and he says:“I’m only staying for one boys, that’s all I’ve got in me.”

You know that’s a lie from the get-go. His high energy and hip swaying melody for “I Don’t Know About You” is a dead giveaway that this isn’t a ‘come home early’ kind of song. Directed by Justin Clough and filmed outside of Nashville, the clip follows Lane in a smoky small-town bar, attempting to learn the name of a mystery girl he spots once he arrives. He walks to the bar to get drinks for his boys and starts to leave with three beers, asks the bartender for another one and slides it over to her. “I hope that’s not for me,” she says. But let’s be honest, if Chris Lane slides you a beer you can’t help but take it (and she does).

“You have a name?” he asks.

“The name is Georgia.”

“Well alright then, Georgia. I’m Carolina. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your beer.”

And off he walks with a very mischievous smile that would drive anyone crazy, she can’t help but indulge him just a little.

They play some pool. “If I make this, you at least have to tell me your first name.” Of course, he misses.

The two get to know each other throughout the evening – as depicted in the song’s sing along lyrics – unaware of the surprise twist ending the night holds.

The whole track is dedicated to knowing every detail of a girl he just met and throughout the night of crazy and redneck things they do, like attempting to steal a cop car, they run from the law hand in hand like a modern-day, small town Bonnie and Clyde. They are only stopped when the officer finally has them corned and he calls out to the girl.

“Olivia, get in the car.”

We are just as confused as Chris, turns out IT’S HER DAD. Awkward.

The video ends, but we are left with the hope of possibility for Chris to run into Olivia, again. This inferred ending, leaving viewers asking questions at the end, is one of the many reasons fans keep coming back to Lane. Since the summertime release of his sophomore album, Laps Around the Sun, the album has surpassed 100 million+ streams on Spotify.