Chris Young Chats About Going “Topless”

Chris Young Chats About Going “Topless”

Chris Young shocked fans earlier this year when he started making public appearances without his signature black cowboy hat. Young tells CountryMusicIsLove that while he’s enjoying his new look, the hat isn’t gone for good.

“I’ve still got it,” Young admits. “I will tell you, [in] the video for “Tomorrow,” there’s stuff with me in the hat and stuff with me without the hat. Same thing with the photo shoots, so it’s not like I sat the hat on fire or anything.” (laughs)

Chris says he was watching videos of himself on stage during the Rascal Flatts tour and realized that fans couldn’t see most of his face. “[Now] people can see more than just like, my chin,” he jokes.

“I’m excited about it. People are talking. People are asking about the music because of it. If I could have figured I could get this much publicity off of it, I would’ve done it way earlier,” he tells us with a laugh.

Young’s latest single, “Tomorrow” is burning up the charts and is his fastest rising single to date. Fans can look forward to seeing the music video soon.