Chris Young Reveals ‘Losing Sleep’ Track List

Young appears on the songwriting credits for each of the album's 10 tracks. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Chris Young Reveals ‘Losing Sleep’ Track List
Chris Young; Photo by John Shearer

October 20 couldn’t come soon enough for Chris Young fans with the release of his brand new album, Losing Sleep, hitting stores.

Building up to the release date, Young has been thriving off of the anticipation by announcing details regarding the record left and right. His latest move involved the track list of the project for fans to get attached to as they get to know their soon-to-be favorite songs from Young.

Young worked with a number of accomplished Nashville songwriters such as Josh Hoge, Liz Rose, Chris DeStefano and more when it came to the making of Losing Sleep. He even contributed on the writing end of things as well, with his name in the credits of each of the 10 songs.

Looking upon the fresh music to represent his growth in the next step of his career, Young hopes to only progress further thanks to his producers and fellow co-writers that helped him get inspired for each individual track along the way.

“Every album you make as an artist, you want to continue to grow,” Young said recently. “And you also want people to be in love with it. That’s such a difficult thing to balance, but I think there’s a little bit of something for everybody on this record.”

Currently, fans can hear a sneak peek of the album by listening to the single, “Losing Sleep,” which is being played on country radio now.

‘Losing Sleep’ Track List

  1. “Losing Sleep” – Chris Young, Chris DeStefano, Josh Hoge
  2. “Hangin’ On” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge
  3. “Holiday” – Chris Young, Cary Barlowe, Johnny Bulford, Corey Crowder
  4. “Radio And The Rain” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge
  5. “Where I Go When I Drink” – Chris Young, Tyler Reeve, Trent Tomlinson
  6. “She’s Got A Way” – Chris Young, Cary Barlowe, Corey Crowder
  7. “Leave Me Wanting More” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, John Pierce
  8. “Trouble Looking” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Liz Rose
  9. “Woke Up Like This” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge
  10. “Blacked Out” – Chris Young, Josh Hoge, Jon Randall