Chris Young Gives a ‘Pup-date’ About Bringing Porter Home

Young also admitted that venues can't stop giving him all the dog beds whenever Porter comes out on the road for tour.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Chris Young Gives a ‘Pup-date’ About Bringing Porter Home
Chris Young; Photo via Instagram

A dog is a man’s best friend, and Chris Young can’t wait to hang out with his closest buddy any day now.

The country singer made little Porter a member of his family not too long ago, but decided to take him to learn the ropes of dog life at a puppy training camp. After the time spent apart, Young expressed how excited he is to get Porter back into his life as the responsible pup he’s become.

Can’t wait to pick up @porterthedog #littlebuddy #gsd

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“Can’t wait to pick up @porterthedog #littlebuddy #gsd,” Young wrote next to his adorable Instagram post about Porter.

After announcing the new member of his family, Young received many special gifts for the pup while touring the country. A common theme, the singer ends up seeing, is that venues always give out dog beds. Now that he’s traveled to quite a few cities, Young joked that he has more than enough comfy zones set up for Porter for when the pup finally arrives home.

“So, about the dog, Porter is actually gonna come home. He’s been at basically puppy boot camp for a little while. So he’ll be at the house next week, which I’m very excited about. I think he has a bed from every arena I’ve played in. Every single arena, that was their gift. They’re like, ‘Look, we got you a dog bed.’ So he’s got a bed for every room in the house. He’s good,” Young said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

Young is currently out on the Losing Sleep World Tour for the next couple months, which fans can find tickets for on his website.