Clay Walker Shares Memories of ‘If I Can Make a Living’ Video

Did you see Angela in Clay's music video?

Clay Walker Shares Memories of ‘If I Can Make a Living’ Video
Clay Walker, Photo by John Shearer/ACMA2021/Getty Images for ACM; Angela Kinsey, Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

While it may have been filmed almost 30 years ago, Clay Walker’s 1994 music video for his hit “If I Can Make a Living” has unexpectedly reentered the spotlight due to an unlikely connection with TV show The Office. It has recently been discovered that the music video features an appearance from none other than Angela Kinsey who played the role of Angela Martin on hit TV show The Office. On her podcast, Office Ladies, co-hosted with her former Office co-star Jenna Fischer, the now-famous actress revealed that in her early acting days she made an appearance as an extra in Walker’s video.

“I, in the 90s was in a Country Music video for Clay Walker…” she explains on the podcast. “I wore, remember the construction boots? But like, girls wore them? With like jean shorts and like a top. Yeah. And he was like singing on the stage, but like on a ranch. And then there was a bunch of people around…I was sitting, kind of slapping my leg to the music.”

The moment was quick, but if you watch closely, you’ll catch her. “Like I’m a blur. I’m a blip,” she shares. “It’s like you barely can see me. Guess what the song was? It’s very catchy. It went well, something like this. ‘If I could make a million out of lovin’ you. I’d be a millionaire in a week or two. I’d be doing what I love and lovin’ what to do. If I can make a million out of lovin’ you.’”

Walker took a trip down memory lane himself recently and watched the video to find Kinsey.

“Well, someone brought that to my attention [that she was in it] and I went back to the video and spotted her,” says Walker during an interview with Sounds Like Nashville. “She’s precious. She’s precious then, she’s precious now.”

Kinsey wasn’t the only noteworthy extra in the music video. Walker’s father also had a moment in the spotlight.

“But my fondest memory of that video was my dad barbecuing in the video because that’s what we did together growing up…” he remembers. “We’d sit around and pick guitars around the barbecue on the weekend and that’s what we did every single weekend. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for those kind of memories and I lost my dad about in 2011…so when I see that video, that’s what I think about and that’s my strongest memory of it.”

Clay Walker will release his 12th studio album, Texas to Tennessee, on July 30. Fans can catch new episodes of the Office Ladies podcast every Wednesday on any streaming platform.