CMA Donates $3 Million to COVID-19 Relief for Music Industry Pros

The money will helps support those who are still out of work, nearly a year into the pandemic.

Written by Chris Parton
CMA Donates $3 Million to COVID-19 Relief for Music Industry Pros
CMA MICS (Music Industry COVID Support) initiative; Photo courtesy of CMA

The Country Music Association is continuing to support out-of-work music and entertainment professionals as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, announcing another infusion of funds in key areas.

Announcing new investments in five nonprofits aimed at helping members of the music industry in need, the Nashville-based trade organization is committed to doing all it can. The CMA had previously donated $1 million to COVID-19 relief back in the spring of 2020, right when concert touring stopped and countless musicians, road crew members, technicians and venue staff lost their jobs. But the need has only increased since then, with more than 50,000 music jobs estimated to have been impacted in Tennessee alone, and hundreds of thousands more nationwide.

Continuing their efforts through the Music Industry COVID Support (MICS) initiative, the CMA has now announced another $3 million long-term COVID-19 commitment, money which will go out to five groups with their hands directly on the problem: Music Health Alliance, Musically Fed, Notes for Notes, Porter’s Call and The Store.

“Awareness is key. We are leaning on our entire industry to help us share these essential resources with those in need and keep our people healthy and stable,” says Sarah Trahern, CMA Chief Executive Officer. “Right now, we recognize the immediacy related to food supply, healthcare and career services, and these five organizations are providing incredible support to music professionals. With the prospect of a vaccine being widely available in the coming months, we will continue to invest in the future of our industry, and the needs required, as we near the return of live touring.”

Each one of the five groups receiving money has a different way of supporting those in the live entertainment and music industry — or the industry as a whole, which is also struggling. Music Health Alliance helps pay for medical care. Musically Fed provides food assistance and everyday supplies (and has another Nashville food drive scheduled for Saturday, January 30). Notes for Notes helps provide access to instruments for students, Porter’s Call offers counseling and support and The Store is a free grocery store for those in need, located in Nashville and founded by Brad Paisley.

The news arrives with the COVID-19 death toll at over 400,000 in the U.S., and almost a whole year into the ongoing live-events stoppage. But with effective vaccines being rolled out now, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and much of the live-event industry has banded together to offer their help in distributing the vaccine. Find out more about the CMA’s COVID-19 response efforts here.