Cole Swindell Reaches Out to Fan with Brain Injury

The "Middle of a Memory" singer reached out to his fan about making her dream of meeting him once again come true.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Cole Swindell Reaches Out to Fan with Brain Injury
Photo via Facebook

Sometimes, country stars are the true superheroes of the music industry. After seeing a message sent to Cole Swindell about one of his biggest fans and her wish to see him, he’s taken it on to make sure her dream comes true.

Chelsea Hogue has been a fan of Swindell and his music for quite some time now. She last saw Swindell perform live during the Florida Georgia Line tour that the “Middle of a Memory” singer was the opening act for, and she even had the incredible opportunity to meet him at that show.

This past February, Hogue was hit by a drunk driver and critically injured during the accident. Ever since the tragic incident, she suffers from a traumatic brain injury and does not have the insurance to pay off her medical bills. But through it all, she still remained a huge fan of Swindell and wanted to meet up with him once again since she cannot remember her last meet-and-greet with the country singer.

Her friend, Joey Osborne, posted a message on Facebook about what’s been going on in hopes of gaining the attention of Swindell himself through social media to come out and help her. Through countless attempts to make her story known, Swindell got a look at the post and reached out to them through his Twitter.

“We will make this happen! Let’s find a show soon,” he wrote to Osborne and Hogue as a quote retweet on his Twitter profile.

While it’s unknown which show Hogue will be able to attend, the kind gesture shows how genuine Swindell’s relationship to his fans is and how he will do anything to ensure that their dreams can become reality with his help.

Currently, Swindell is promoting his radio single, “Middle of a Memory,” which is off of his latest album, You Should Be Here.