Cole Swindell Rewinds on a Relationship in ‘Break Up in the End’ Video

Viewers watch the highs and lows of Swindell's on-screen romance, from the worst moments at the start to the best beginnings at the end.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Cole Swindell Rewinds on a Relationship in ‘Break Up in the End’ Video
Cole Swindell: Photo courtesy of YouTube

From the first time they met in a bar to the slamming of the door in the final days of the relationship, Cole Swindell wouldn’t change a thing in the video for “Break Up in the End.”

The singer’s heartache sets in early during the video as viewers watch the couple in rewind-mode from the end to the beginning. Swindell’s lead woman starts walking out on him as he passionately sings about his lack of regret for the relationship as a whole. As the scenes unravel more good times than bad, Swindell looks back on the love with a gleam of hope in his eye and a caring notion in his heart.

Bringing everything right back to the start where he meets his former flame while sipping on cocktails in a bar, Swindell still fears the worst since he knows what lies ahead but does so without caution to give the time everything it deserves.

The minute that the Georgia native heard the track, he envisioned the whole recollection treatment of the video but needed that extra spark to bring the reverse effect to life. Thankfully, Swindell was on board for the imaginative storyline that came forth and dedicated himself to the acting role as soon as they laid down the part.

“I think it’s such a cool idea, just going from the end back to when we first meet. I’m excited to see what kind of twists in there, and excited for y’all to see it. That was my kind of vision originally, and so I picked the one closest to that, except for it was another level of good. That’s why I stick to writing songs, not video treatments. Like I said, I’m excited to make another video, and I hope that we can bring this song to life. I think it’s so descriptive,” Swindell told Sounds Like Nashville and other media during a recent interview.

“Break Up in the End” is Swindell’s first single off his anticipated third album, which will arrive sometime later this year.