Cole Swindell Suffers Serious Black Eye Over Memorial Day Weekend

Cole Swindell took Dierks Bentley's new album title to heart as he got himself a giant shiner over Memorial Day Weekend.

Cole Swindell Suffers Serious Black Eye Over Memorial Day Weekend
Photo via @dierksbentley on Instagram

Well, that’s one way to show love toward a new album called Black.

Dierks Bentley threw the “Somewhere on a Beach Bash” in honor of the release of his new album, Black, and a few of his country music colleagues got involved in the celebration. Lauren Alaina opened up for Bentley during his seaside show, while Cole Swindell made a surprise appearance during Bentley’s set.

Swindell, though, ended up taking home not just good memories from the summer performance, but also a nice, big shiner.

While the reason behind Swindell’s black eye is still unknown, Bentley had to take the opportunity to make a joke about the singer’s little injury in relation to Bentley’s new album title.

“Knew my friend @coleswindell was a fan, but to go and get a #black eye just to support the album…too much. #truebro,” Bentley tweeted to his fans.

Bentley’s “Somewhere on a Beach Bash” happened over Memorial Day weekend in Panama City Beach to kick off the start of summer. The party was held due to the release of Black on May 27. Swindell took time out of his busy summer touring schedule to make the appearance. Fans can catch him on the road all summer with Florida Georgia Line on the Dig Your Roots Tour.