Country Artists React to Nashville Tornado

The community is devastated, but is banding together to rise up!

Country Artists React to Nashville Tornado
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - NOVEMBER 13: Maren Morris attends the 53nd annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Early Tuesday morning, an EF3 Tornado ripped through downtown Nashville and the surrounding areas, causing 48 buildings to collapse and at least 19 fatalities, according to WKRN. Many country artists took to social media to share they are safe and to express their sadness about the tragedy.

  • We are at a loss for words right now!! Crazy waking up on the other side of the world and seeing so much destruction in our city Nashville and surrounding counties and cities. Praying for all of the people and families affected and our hearts go out to those that have lost love ones in this crazy tornado,” wrote Florida Georgia Line in an Instagram post, along with photos of the damage.
  • “The tornado must have missed our block by an inch because we are alright but I am so depleted looking at the damage that has happened to our beautiful city. There are so many people in the streets helping already, though. Thinking of those who lost their loved ones + homes.” — Maren Morris on Twitter.
  • “We are grateful to be safe and hope y’all are too. if you’ve got damage, please let us know. Kristen & i wanna help, and especially for any of y’all in the music industry, it’s important to be aware that there are some amazing organizations like @musicares and @porterscall here in town that can provide help as well. the spirit of Nashville is resilient, and I know the silver lining in this disaster will be how we lift each other up and rebuild. but it sure is hard not to be heartbroken,” wrote Charlie Worsham on Instagram, along with a photo of the collapsed Basement East music venue.
  • “@astephens1110 and I ducked around this crazy cell and landed at john tune airport around 11:30 last night, coming back from LA. Glad we landed when we did. Wouldn’t have been so good an hour later. It was the cell that turned into the tornado. Lot of people lost their homes, including our drummer, and a lot of people in need. But no one comes together as a city like #nashville does,” wrote Dierks Bentley on Instagram, along with video from the cockpit of his plane prior to the tornado.
  • “Praying so hard for everybody affected by the awful tornado last night. We love you, Nashville!!” — wrote Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman on Instagram.
  • “Sending prayers to all my friends, family and Nashville family going through this horrible tragedy. Praying for the families that have lost love ones and homes. To be honest I feel guilty not being home and being in New York right now. I’ll be home as soon as I can to help in anyway I can. In the meantime Nashville is doing what Nashville does. Everyone is coming together to help so I encourage anyone to do what ever they can to help rebuild our amazing city. God Bless and stay safe out there,” wrote Mitchell Tenpenny on Instagram, along with photos of the tornado and the damage.
  • “We are thankful our family is safe, but our hearts are breaking for those affected,” — Brett Young on Instagram, along with a photo of the “Believe In Nashville” mural.
  • “We are ok. I’m in New York and Maren and our house are fine, but our neighborhood is not. Places we have loved for many years don’t look like they are there any more. We are so thankful and devastated at the same time.” — Ryan Hurd on Twitter.
  • “I’m thankful for the well wishes here in Nashville from everyone. There are people that have lost loved ones and their homes. We as NASHVILLE will stand together and help anyone and everyone in need. That’s why I’m proud to live here and call it home.” — Jake Owen on Twitter.
  • “The dogs, our home and I are safe. Thank you to everyone who reached out. My thoughts are with those who lost their homes and businesses during this crazy tornado. The storms aren’t over so stay safe and sheltered, Nashville” — Cassadee Pope on Twitter.
  • “The Nashville Tornado has touched down outside our condo. Trees are everywhere, and have crushed a few cars. Most interstate signs to Rosa Parks Blvd are torn off the poles. The AutoZone by our place is absolutely destroyed. But Cece and I are okay. Praying everyone is safe.” — Brett Kissel on Twitter.
  • “Waking up to countless messages about Nashville. I am safe. Please let me know that you are.  So many friends in East Nashville.  I’m here to help anyway I can.” — Stephanie Quayle on Twitter.
  • These pictures are heart breaking of what happened last night. The tornado hit minutes away from my house but we are ok and everything is safe. So many of my friends got hit by the storm though.. Praying for you, Nashville, and anyone who lost their home or loved ones. — Lindsay Ell on Twitter.
  • This picture says a thousand words!!! I am completely heart broken. Thank you to everyone that has and is reaching out. CP and I are ok and our bands and crews are ok. God pls be with our city and our fellow neighbors that are going through what is left of their homes and belongings and the families that have lost loved ones. — Michael Ray on Instagram.