Country Music Stars Encourage Fans To Vote During Today’s Presidential Election

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Country Music Stars Encourage Fans To Vote During Today’s Presidential Election

With one of our generation’s biggest Presidential elections underway, many Country music stars are taking to their social media accounts to encourage their fans to get out there and vote. While some artists are revealing their choice candidate, like Sara Evans, who posted a photo of herself holding a Romney/Ryan sign and Willie Nelson, who says he will “probably” vote for President Obama, most artists are just encouraging fans to vote no matter what the party affiliation.

Check out what they had to say below…

Reba – Vote vote vote!!!!! I did!!!!

Lee Brice – Our country give us the opportunity to have a voice! Our troops defend that freedom day in & day out. Exercise that opportunity & go vote!

Thompson Square – just voted! what a cool feeling that is.

Kelly Clarkson – Hey everybody please go and vote today!

Scotty McCreery – Yall make sure you get out there and vote! #USA #ivoted

Chuck Wicks – Get your Vote on!!!

Ronnie Dunn – Well, here we go ! Time to see who’s gonna manage the next four years…..gonna be a “ROUGH GO” no matter who wins. RD

Casey James – Hope and pray that you all voted. Its one of the biggest ways for us to have an impact on the way things go. Proactive, not reactive. 🙂

Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum – Thankful for FREEDOM to use my voice, & those who fight for that freedom every day! #VOTE And, wherever u live, always PRAY for ur country!

Josh Thompson – We’re lucky to have the right to vote in our country. Hope you take the time to do it today

Joe Nichols – Get out and vote!! It’s a right that our military has given us with blood. Don’t waste it.

Canaan Smith – Vote casted. Proud to be an American #VOTE

Darryl Worley – It did my heart good to see Americans young and old out voting this morning. Lots of people gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy.

James Otto – Don’t listen to any celebrity when they tell you who to vote for. They don’t know anymore than you do. Vote your heart & conscience. #vote

Rodney Atkins – Do your American duty & vote! YOUR voice counts! The only way it doesn’t is if YOU choose not to be heard. Greatest Country in the world!

Big & Rich – Let your voice be heard…VOTE!!

Tim McGraw spoke with Billboard about why people should vote. “Vote! That’s what people fought, died and bled for. That’s what makes America great is we get to choose our leaders. Do it! No matter what you believe, vote. You can’t b–ch about it if you don’t vote.”

Make sure you follow their advice and get out there and vote today! If you need help finding your polling place, visit