Kip Moore, Cole Swindell and Dozens of Other Country Singers Stand With Bullying Victim Keaton Jones

Kelsea Ballerini even promised to visit Keaton's school next time she is home in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Kip Moore, Cole Swindell and Dozens of Other Country Singers Stand With Bullying Victim Keaton Jones
Kip Moore; Photo by Rick Diamond for Getty Images, Keaton Jones; Photo via Instagram, Cole Swindell; Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage

When Knoxville, Tennessee resident Keaton Jones decided to speak up against the vicious bullying he and many other children go through on a daily basis, stars in the country community responded with positive outreach and kind words for the boy.

Kimberly Jones, Keaton’s mother, posted the emotional video of her son tearfully discussing the harsh effects bullying has had on him while he goes to school. Pleading for an answer to the insulting behavior pointed toward him and other students and asking for the meanness to stop, his quick clip spread like wildfire across social media and reached millions of people sympathizing with Keaton worldwide.

Keaton makes poignant points about the bullying topic, stating that people shouldn’t get punished by their peers for their unique qualities and wondering how they find the joy in taking others down.

“Just out of curiosity…why do they bully? What’s the point of it? Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? It’s not ok,” Keaton declares in the video.

Country stars rallied quickly behind him and his stance by posting their support via social media. Kip Moore backed Keaton and expressed that every parent should get their kids to sit down and watch the video to understand the brutal effects of bullying in real life.

“Every parent should show their kids this video.. my mom or dad woulda kicked my ass if I bullied other kids and you should punch your own face if your kid does this shit! Lazy ass parenting. This is a special kid, and his self awareness is pretty unique for someone his age. Thanks for sending my way kristin. Show your damn kids the video and how not to treat people,” Moore wrote.

Kelsea Ballerini even promised she would walk into school with Keaton next time she went home to Knoxville to get those rude kids to apologize for their demeaning actions.

“buddy next time I make it home to Knox I’m going to walk into that lunchroom with you and watch the bullies say they are sorry to you. you don’t deserve that. keep your head up and continue to be kind…you will always Come out on top. sending a hug,” she said.

Delanie Walker from the Tennessee Titans also invited Keaton and his family to a game to show how much the sports community also cares for this issue.

Those who want to continue the outreach toward Keaton and his cause can send their love through the hashtag, #StandWithKeaton.