Country Stars React: West, TX Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Written by Lauren Laffer
Country Stars React: West, TX Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Following the two bombings at the Boston Marathon this week, our Country has had another reason to come together. West, TX, which is approximately 20 miles north of Waco, TX has been devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion.

While no casualty total has been confirmed, they mayor said the explosion appears to have taken the lives of 35 to 40 people. More than 100 people were injured. On top of the injury and death toll, ABC News reports that 75 to 100 homes and businesses have been demolished from the blast.

“I was watching the flames and then it was just like a huge, huge explosion and two houses, I mean, it demolished both of those,” West City Councilwoman Cheryl Marak told ABC News. “I think everything around us is pretty much just gone.”

Since the event, Country music artists have taken to Twitter to express their support for the small town.