Country Stars Share Halloween Memories

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Country Stars Share Halloween Memories

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate, some of our favorite new Country artists have shared their Halloween costume memories. See what they had to say below…

“My favorite Halloween costume was when I went out as Sporty Spice. It was hilarious because all of my girlfriends dressed up as the other Spice Girls. We had a blast!” – Jana Kramer

“I thought to myself, this is so unfair that my brother gets to be a dinosaur and I’m stuck with Mickey Mouse!? I mean, dinosaurs could eat a mouse in a bow tie in a matter of seconds! Dangit, mom! I’m still not letting it go…” – Brett Eldredge

“I always wanted to be a sports person, so I never got too crazy. I was never a Power Ranger or a…I think I was a Ninja Turtle one year. I wanted to be Donatello — I think I was Donatello — and I had that big stick thing that he carries, but my mom ended up takin’ it away from me ’cause I kept attackin’ everybody, like, thinkin’ I was a real Ninja Turtle. Yeah, I got in…I was big into Halloween.” – Tyler Farr

“I did dress up quite a bit when I was a kid for Halloween. I wasn’t really a candy kid, I’m just weird like that, but one year I dressed up as a skeleton, black suit… and all you could see was just the bones, right? I went around and trick or treated, but when I got home I laid down like I was dead, like I was some kind of mannequin or something and then as the kids would come closer I’d jump up and scare the daylights out of them. It was the best! I like surprising people but I never knew it until that moment, I just got to scare them and it was fun. I try for more pleasant surprises these days.” – Hunter Hayes

“Okay, Halloween. I’m not really into dressin’ up, because it’s too much trouble, and it’s aggravatin’, and somethin’ always itches, but I remember when I was little, I was Wynonna for Halloween once. And I had this mask on, and see, my mama — I think Halloween was not her thing — and ’cause it was aggravatin’ for her to have to come up with all these outfits and stuff. And so we had pitiful outfits, and my Wynonna outfit did not do her justice, and I carried around a plastic guitar, and it was (laughs), it was not really workin’, but I tried.” – Joanna Smith

“A memorable Halloween costume from when I was a kid — I was one of the kids off of Charlie Brown. I think I was…is it Marcie? I had this little red, cape-lookin’ dress and the plastic little face with the little rubber band that went around the back, and yeah. I was Marcie.” – Kristen Kelly

What are your costume plans for Halloween?